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Nextome Admin - 01 July 2022
Smart Building and Smart City: 11 startups that are changing cities and buildings
There are 307 Italian and international startups in the Smart City and Smart Building sectors reviewed by the Internet of Things and Startup Intelligence Observatories of the Politecnico di Milano. Focus on 11 operational realities in Italy in various sectors, from energy efficiency to sustainable mobility
Nexto Admin - 17 August 2021
TOP of the PID - Nextome wins 1st Prize
The award ceremony of the national competition “Mirabilia Top of the PID” took place 1st June 21 in live streaming on the MIRABILIA YouTube channel.
Nexto Admin - 09 May 2021
Telemachus pilot trial is ongoing
Telemachus pilot trial is ongoing and the first results are promising!
Nexto Admin - 19 December 2020
New Mobile SDK is coming!
Get ready for the revolution! The time is up, the test phase is over, Nextome presents the new mobile SDK for indoor localization and positioning.
Nexto Admin - 14 September 2020
Telemachus project co-funded by ESA to fight the Covid-19 pandemic
Telemachus(TELEmedicine Monitoring And Collaborative HUb-and-spoke System) project is born from the collaboration among health, space, high technology, and academic sectors, Telemachus is an integrated hardware/software medical system for the remote monitoring and treatment of patients and medical staff.
Nexto Admin - 24 August 2020
Technavio mentions Nextome's technology in the market research report 2020-2024
Technavio – a leading global technology research and advisory company – mentions Nextome’s technology in the market research report.
Nexto Admin - 31 July 2020
NXTracker received an investment by Sustainable Growth Fund - MiSE
With the obtaining of Seal of Excellence by European Commission, Nextome srl presented the NXTracker project to the financing measure “Fabbrica Intelligente by Sustainable Growth Fund – Ministry of Economic Development” with the partner IDEA75 srl.

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