19 January 2023
Improve safety and optimize the quality of your hospital experience with RTLS
Nextome real-time location system goes beyond traditional indoor wayfinding and dramatically improves the quality of patient care in healthcare facilities.

Real-time tracking provides the location of people and objects within an area. This technology can be instrumental in increasing the safety of healthcare environments, such as hospitals, which have been under pressure recently, including the pandemic. 

The quality of hospital service is now a critical factor in the lives of citizens and can improve by particular actions:

  • improve the patient experience;
  • optimize supply chain management, workflows and time;
  • improve patient and worker safety.

These needs are also evidenced by market numbers and increasing demand for these services. Indeed, the RTLS in Healthcare market is expected to grow from 1.4 billion USD in 2020 to 3.9 billion USD in 2025, with a CAGR of 23%, according to Markets and Markets report.

Here are some examples of how Nextome real-time location system can help optimize the supply chain in healthcare, by enhancing visibility, collecting and providing data and visualizing its dynamics in real time.



Guide patients through the facility, monitor flows and reduce congestion

Healthcare facilities can be very chaotic. Having control over the flow of people, knowing, for example, how many are in a given area of the hospital, as well as monitoring their routes, increases safety and promotes people management and thus becomes a vital tool for improving the experience through planning based on quantitative data.

In addition, by providing a 2D/3D indoor map of the hospital, patients can reach the desired location more quickly, improving their overall experience, reducing cognitive load, and further optimizing space occupancy.

Thanks to geofencing, you can send notification or alerts when a patient, worker or asset enter or leave an area, or trigger location-based automations.

Read our case study to discover how we helped CRO in Aviano save 500 hours per week leveraging on our solution.


Optimizing bed occupancy

With Nextome RTLS, you can locate patients in real-time, optimizing space occupancy and the time required for doctors and nurses to accomplish their tasks. For example, during some peaks, such as the seasonal flu season, it is possible to manage beds accurately, knowing when they are vacated and preparing them for the following patients. 


Improving safety by reducing the risk of infection

In an environment such as a hospital, it is easy for infections to spread. Prevention is fundamental. Thanks to Nextome RTLS, tracking the path of patients with a particular disease in real-time is possible so that workers can be notified to take appropriate precautions. Or, you can track the path of work tools and verify that they have gone through all the needed cleaning steps. Also, you can check workers' use of soap dispensers to ensure they have sanitized themselves before and after interacting with patients.

See how we improved safety in Salvator Mundi International Hospital (SMIH) in Rome and “Ospedale Santa Maria della Scaletta” in Imola.


Reduce the loss of tools

The loss of working tools can affect the health of patients and the operating costs of an health facility. This occurrence can lead to failure to deliver services properly and the need to rent or purchase new instruments, burdening the hospital's finances. With a simple sticker placed on the devices, Nextome can track their location in real time, reducing the risk of loss and costs and giving facilities total control over their equipment.


Responding immediately to emergencies

Nextome RTLS can facilitate and speed up the response to emergencies, such as an assault received by a caregiver in a psychiatric ward. Thanks to a "panic button" installed on a wristband, Nextome can send an alert with the emergency's precise location, improving response time.


Bring real-time location system to your hospital

Nextome is an easy to implement and scalable real-time location system based on Bluetooth® Low-Energy. Get in touch with an expert to discover how you can improve care level and create a safer environment in your hospital or healthcare facility.


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