Feel free to move indoors, just as it happens outdoors.
With Nextome, your users and customers can move and find their way easily and quickly inside indoor spaces.
Indoor wayfinding and navigation system
Thanks to our state-of-the-art indoor maps and positioning system, you can now make warehouses, malls, airports, stations, hospitals and all kinds of indoor spaces more accessible than before.
That’s possible thanks to Bluetooth® Low Energy and beacons, tiny devices that can be installed easily in every location.
With indoor navigation, you can now improve your customer experience, increase employee safety and productivity. What people need are only a smartphone and an app.
Accurate with 1.5-meters accuracy
Scalable thanks to the use of off-the-shelf technology
Customizable with our advanced SDK
Make your users get to places more easily and quickly, reduce their waiting time and avoid crowded areas.
Our algorithm calculates the best route to the destination. Just as easy and familiar as your favorite turn-by-turn navigation system.
Seamless indoor
and outdoor navigation
Blurring the boundaries.
Our technology seamlessly integrates with GPS so your users can navigate between indoor and outdoor environments without even noticing the difference.
Advanced native indoor maps
Bring indoor maps into your iOS and Android apps.
Thanks to the MapView component, you can customize your maps, set points of interest, and make them always available to your users, even offline.
Smart notifications
Reach your users when a message is most relevant to them.
Our recommendation system allows you to send personalized notifications when your users or customers are close to specific products or areas, delivering content, promoting offers, or suggesting routes to follow.
Indoor wayfinding and navigation system
Three ingredients. Outstanding results.
Our powerful proprietary software collects data and provides accurate position through machine learning.
The core of our localization process: small radiofrequency hardware devices that work as anchors spanned across the venue.
These sensors are embedded in all smartphones to capture movement and displacement and provide valuable information for accurate positioning.
Your venues are in your hands
with our NextomeHUB and APIs.
Add, delete and edit beacons, points of interest, events along with maps’ and venues’ data and access to a venue dashboard.
Beacon Management
NextomeHUB simplifies the management of the beacons within a specific location. Maintain and register beacons, check their position within the map and monitor the battery status at any time.
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Nextostats – Analytics Engine
Nextome stores users' behavioral data and provides location based insights, with several degrees of accuracy that comply with privacy and labor control laws, like GDPR, and union agreements.
  • Paths history by user/group of users
  • Point of interest visits by user/group of users
  • Time spent by users on specific POI/Geofencing areas
  • Users Heatmaps
  • Number of users by area, POI, building (crowd monitoring)
Always-on support
With 360 degrees onsite deployment, 24/7 technical support, and a dedicated key success manager, we make sure you reach your goals in every implementation phase - from project configuration to monitoring.
The localization algorithm of Nextome is already fully implemented on Android and iOS.

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Helping visitors reach a destination easier, while saving nurses and physicians’ time.
Hitachi Rail
Piloting an innovative MaaS Mobility-as-a-Service system in Genova, Italy.
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