Piloting an innovative MaaS Mobility-as-a-Service system in Genova, Italy.

MaaS is the new frontier of mobility; it is based on a technology capable of integrating different modes of transport, making them available to the passenger in a single platform where it is possible to plan the trip, integrating various public and private services and paying for their use.

The main challenge for Mass solutions is to ensure continuous information flow (in Real-Time) in any condition (indoors and outdoors space).


Nextome, Hitachi Rail, the Municipality of Genoa, and AMT have jointly designed a pilot installation of a system with highly innovative features in line with the principles of  the sustainable mobility of the future.

Thanks to Nextome's solutions passengers inside stations, metro and buses can be located and the entire route can be tracked  in real time. With a BLE sensor infrastructure, suitably designed and installed by Nextome, it has been made possible to enable localization services even if no GPS signal is available.


More than 7000 sensors installed in about 3 months within the city of Genoa, and the design of mobile SDk (Android e iOS) able to guarantee advanced functions in background mode. 

Route reconstruction based on the data collected in real-time.


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