10 March 2016
What’s New Mobile World Congress 2016?
Discover in this special post on the Mobile World Congress 2016 my personal list of the very best of apps & technology, interesting trends, anecdotes and analysis.

Nextome is an indoor positioning and navigation system that allows users to know their own correct position on a digital map and achieve indications to reach a point of interest.
I saw other similar applications, but Nextome caught my attention for several reasons. First, because it doesn’t work with Wi-Fi but with detectors infrastructure, which can be an advantage when there are Internet connection issues. In addition, the app “follows” the users as they move, updating their real location. Nextome also collects automatically statistics in order to know which are the most visited areas, has proximity notifications and allows sharing position through the social network.

Its potential for large events, airports, train stations, hospitals, museums, etc., is immense. Although the MWC had a very good app with a map of the exhibition area, localization was very complicated. It’s a pity that the organizers didn’t take the opportunity to innovate in this regard.

source: https://sugoru.com/2016/02/28/whats-new-mobile-world-congress-2016/ 

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