13 July 2023
How we streamlined processes inside Italy’s major sofa manufacturer
Our case study with Fincons, a leading Italian company, demonstrates the full versatility and potential of Nextome's real-time indoor tracking system.

The ability of the manufacturing sector to grow depends on many factors. Many of these occur directly in the manufacturing process. The ability to carefully monitor this process becomes decisive, from the first moment until the delivery of the good. Nextome's RTLS solution, which combines RFID, NFC, Bluetooth® Low-Energy, and GPS, enables a granular level of control within the plant, reducing the problems that can occur and increasing the company's ability to optimize the process. Here are the benefits that Fincons, one of the world leaders in the ITC sector, has obtained by implementing Nextome RTLS for its customers.


Better asset management

Our system tracks assets using RFID technology, allowing to an important sofa production brand to track products destined for a specific market and send them out, thus improving inventory management and reducing the risk of violating local regulations.


World-class safety

Inside the factory, it is essential to ensure the safety of employees. In the case of the solution implemented for Italian major sofa manufacturer, Nextome makes it possible to verify that personnel are wearing mandatory equipment, monitor the most dangerous or sensitive areas, and inhibit access if necessary. 


GDPR compliance

Nextome's solution is compliant with national and international data protection laws. All data is anonymized to ensure people's privacy and regulatory compliance.


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