People tracking
Improve people safety, optimize work processes and increase employee cooperation.
People tracking system
Meet safety and productivity challenges
Collect the real-time position to monitor a specific user or to locate the user at a specific position in order to react to an event. All employees, authorized staff members, visitors and patients can be tracked for service, restricted areas access control and security purposes.
Indoor people tracking
Set virtual zones and get a response each time a person enters or leaves an area.
Path tracking
Keep track of how vehicles, like forklifts, move across your venues and optimize their paths to save time.
Crowd monitoring
Be aware of the real time number of users in a defined area anytime (by building, floor,room, virtual areas)
Automatic attendance
and time tracking
Automatically check the presence and track activities times of any user (employees, workers, students, patients etc)
Three ingredients. Outstanding results.
Our powerful proprietary software collects data and provides accurate position through machine learning.
The core of our localization process: small radiofrequency hardware devices that work as anchors spanned across the venue.
Small and portable devices that can be worn by people easily and send position data to the gateway.
Get full control over your venues
with NextomeHUB and APIs.
With our Content Management System, you can manage your beacons
and point of interests, and get relevant data through the analytics
Beacon Management
NextomeHUB simplifies the management of the beacons within a specific location. Maintain and register beacons, check their position within the map and monitor the battery status.
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Nextostats – Analytics Engine
Access to the most relevant insights, thanks to users' behavioral and location-based data. According to privacy and labor control laws, you can obtain different accuracy levels.
  • Paths history by user/group of users
  • Point of interest visits by user/group of users
  • Time spent by users on specific POI/geofencing areas
  • Users heatmaps
  • Number of users by area, POI, building (crowd monitoring)

See case studies

ATAC - Rome underground
Improving the security of millions of people leveraging position-based data on over 1M sqm.
Rekeep and UPMC
Improvement of health standards and hospital facilities workflow.
Hitachi Rail
Piloting an innovative MaaS Mobility-as-a-Service system in Genova, Italy.
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