Track and monitor people and assets in real-time with Nextome.
React to events more quickly, restrict area access and improve security. Save precious time and find missing assets by always knowing their position. Always complying with GDPR and privacy regulations. With our technology, everything’s under your radar.
thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy (AoA)
thanks to our CMS
as it works with different devices
Our tracking system is simple to use and implement.

What you need are gateways and beacons anchored on the walls and specific tags worn by people or attached to the assets to be tracked. Both infrastructure hardware and tags are available off the shelf and can be selected according to the specific requirements, like performance and battery life.
People tracking
Improve safety and customer experience, optimize processes and foster cooperation among your workforce.
Asset tracking
Take full control of work equipment and goods, thanks to automatic inventory and location and movements monitoring.
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