We believe in a world
with no boundaries.
In Nextome, we strive to create a seamless integration between inner and outer space. And we do it by creating cutting-edge indoor navigation and positioning systems that make spaces smarter and unleash new creative opportunities for companies, developers and people.
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Thanks to our patented physical models and artificial intelligence algorithms, we help organizations locate people and objects and provide indoor navigation using only smartphone sensors and Bluetooth® low energy beacons.
Bringing Nextome into every smartphone in the world.
Being listed on Euronext within the next three years
Building a team open to impossible challenges
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Stelle del Sud
25th among 200 excellent companies from Southern Italy awarded by Il Sole 24 Ore and Statista
Forbes 30 Under 30
Co-founders Domenico Colucci and Giangiuseppe Tateo selected as Forbes 30 Under 30
GALILEO 5G IoT Challenge
Seal of Excellence
H2020 framework by European Commission
Startup Europe Award
Best solution for Cybersecurity category by Startup Europe Award and European Commission
Best Growth
Euro-Asia Economic Forum and Polytechnic of Milan - Xi’ An (China)
Smart City Innovators
First prize from Busan Metropolitan City, Young ICT Leader’s forum
Web Summit
The Most Awesome Alpha Startup of the Year
From a startup, to market leaders.
Discover our journey.
Four computer science PhDs get lost inside a mall. That’s the exact moment in which we discovered a problem and started ideating Nextome.
After less than one year since the inception, we created the first prototype based on Bluetooth® Low-Energy and handcrafted antenna. We also filed for the patent.
ATAC and FCA entered our portfolio, taking advantage of our people and assets tracking solution. The same year, we launched our CMS for acquiring maps, routes and events and introduced particle filtering.
We entered the healthcare industry supporting CRO Hospital in Aviano and developed a PoC for Rome Fiumicino Airport. The same year, we expanded our patent to the USA and Singapore. We also received the first prize of the Smart City Innovators Award of Busan Metropolitan City from the Young ICT Leaders forum.
We refined our filtering technology with deep learning, while the European Commission awarded us as Best solution for Cybersecurity.
We reinforced our partnership with FCA, bringing our technology to the Cento plant, and developed a PoC with Gucci for their plant near Florence. We were also selected at CES in Las Vegas.
We signed a partnership with the Apulia Region to bring our solutions to museums. We also developed PoCs for Athens Airport, Bari Polyclinic Hospital and Carnival Cruise, improving our capability to span across different industries.
We started our ongoing research to improve accuracy up to 30 cm, always leveraging Bluetooth® Low-Energy 5.2. In 2020, Forbes Italy selected our co-founders Domenico Colucci and Giangiuseppe Tateo as “Top 30 Under 30”.
Sustainability and supplier responsibility
We are committed to creating products and solutions that meet UN Sustainable Development Goals and help organizations reach them.
To do this, we believe that we must put our vision into action in what we do and how we do it.
We have seen many young brains emigrate from our area in several years. We want to write a different story and stop the surge of talents from our area. By choosing Nextome, you choose a market-leading solution and marry a community development vision.
Our Goals
Growing economy, creating occupation and promoting prosperity by investing in sustainable infrastructure and scientific and technological R&D
Improving people’s, community and society life conditions contributing to a better education
Eliminating gender gap
Ensuring health and wellness
Adopt climate protection measures
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