21 April 2023
Smarter and safer buildings with Nextome RTLS
Monitor your building in real time and make it smarter and safer by taking advantage of the advanced features of our real-time location system.

According to research by Gartner, deploying IoT technologies in a building can reduce operational costs by up to 30 percent, but more importantly, it can completely transform the building experience for those who live in it and those who manage it. As Markets and Markets testifies, RTLS is an industry that will surpass $12 billion by 2026.

The ability to track assets and people in real time offers new opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, make maintenance increasingly accurate, and optimize the visitor experience while making it safer at the same time.

Nextome RTLS is the end-to-end solution that makes any building smart with real-time monitoring, predictive analytics using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and decision support capabilities.



Improved energy efficiency

Today, a building's energy efficiency is no longer an asset. It is a must. The Nextome RTLS integrates with building management systems and uses both real-time and historical occupancy data to calibrate the lighting and HVAC systems. The result is a more comfortable environment for employees and visitors, as well as lower economic and environmental costs.

Our NX-DataAnalytics and NX-DSS modules are based on cloud platforms and help facility managers to organize the management of the company's assets and equipment, while reducing costs and maximizing utilization. Forget about lights left on in empty offices or rooms heated or cooled for no one.


Better facility management

Managing a building can be complex. That's why we designed Nextome RTLS to support facility management. Our system gives you control over building cleanliness and maintenance by measuring the presence, location and dwell time of responsible operators in real time.


Smoother employee and visitors experience

Nextome improves not only in the back-end, but also the front-end. Our application provides your visitors with a powerful wayfinding system, allowing them to search for services on a map and be guided by an indoor navigation system, book rooms and desks through integration with reservation systems, and optimize space utilization. In addition, our system facilitates hands-free access to areas restricted by physical barriers such as doors and turnstiles.

Increasingly accurate data also allows you to monitor movement within your building, giving you all the elements you need to improve space utilization and increase productivity.


Safer building

With Nextome RTLS, you can know the location of people in your office in real time while complying with GDPR, and better respond to emergencies, such as coordinating evacuation of the building. You can also monitor access to restricted areas and receive automatic alerts.


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