14 March 2023
Industry 4.0: transform your factory with Nextome RTLS
Nextome real-time location system makes your factory smarter through accurate indoor positioning and asset tracking, even in the noisiest environments.

Real-time tracking of assets, machines, and people benefits Industry 4.0 and radically transforms manufacturing. With accurate tracking, you can optimize asset management and consequently reduce the time spent searching for them automatically by installing simple sticky tags. By collecting data, you can also optimize value chain management and workflows. The benefits are unprecedented: for example, shipping times can be reduced by 80 percent, increasing daily shipments and revenues significantly.

Market numbers also underscore the growth of this industry: according to the Markets and Markets report, the RTLS industry will surpass the $12 billion mark in 2026.

See how Nextome real-time location system is the perfect solution for optimizing processes, managing the workforce, and enhancing safety in the factory through accurate asset and people tracking.



Cut costs

Find inefficiencies in production processes by tracking assets and people, and improve process quality and efficiency. With Nextome, you can cut maintenance and labor costs, save resources by reducing waste, and lower machine downtime by identifying problems immediately.

This is what we did, for example, with FCA/Stellantis in the Mirafiori plant, in which we produced a savings of $500 for every minute of downtime saved. Read our case study


Improve efficiency and automate inventories

With Nextome RTLS, you can accelerate and streamline processes by knowing the exact location of people and assets in real-time and performing automated inventories, with the ability to detect misplaced products. For instance, you can quickly locate your assets and use data to monitor their usage to effectively manage and optimize resources. Also, it optimizes routes within the plant and helps solve any bottlenecks due to the accumulation of unfinished products, all digitally, without needing any paper.

Just as we did for a large distribution client, thanks to a tablet mounted on board the forklift, it is possible to guide the operator by providing directions on a map according to the goods to be picked and deposited. This solution brings benefits from a resource utilization point of view and increases operator safety.


Workforce management

Every year 265 million work hours are lost due to organizational inefficiency. One of the plant's most significant and time-consuming problems is tracking the right employee. With Nextome's RTLS solution, this is quick and easy with real-time people tracking: this also makes it possible to quickly assign tasks to the employee closest to where the action is needed. Another benefit of our solution is to optimize rostering and workflows, thanks to timely data analysis and tracking of people and assets.


Employee safety

Nextome RTLS improves response time to workplace incidents. Sensors can detect falls, impacts, or conditions such as shock, temperature, and humidity. With geofencing, you can monitor access to specific plant areas and receive automatic alerts.


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