06 June 2023
A new era of airport efficiency: discover Nextome's real-time indoor location system
Create a better travel experience for passengers while increasing security and operations with our easy-to-implement system.

Nextome's Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)-based RTLS technology has the potential to fundamentally change the airport experience for travelers, operators, and management companies alike. Indeed, it is an increasingly popular technology in such environments, as evidenced by the Markets and Markets report that the RTLS industry will exceed $12 billion by 2026.

In particular, with the ability to track assets and people in real-time, Nextome's system greatly enhances airport security, enables new wayfinding possibilities via smartphone apps, and facilitates operations and collaboration. Thanks to beacon sensors, all without the need for fingerprinting, an activity that usually requires extensive mapping of locations.


A world-class passenger experience

We all know how complicated and stressful it can be to move around a terminal full of passengers, looking for the gate or a particular service. 

Thanks to Nextome RTLS, it is now possible to guide passengers with a turn-by-turn system integrated directly into a smartphone app. In addition, custom paths can be built for passengers with special needs, improving accessibility for passengers with disabilities.

Our system also enables new proximity marketing opportunities linked to specific locations by sending a push notification to people's phones.

Nextome's technology revolutionizes the traditional airport experience and takes it to the next level.



Optimize asset management

Nextome RTLS allows you to monitor the location of vehicles, maintenance tools, and trolleys available to passengers in real-time. In particular, it will enable you to accurately know the number of trolleys in the different stalls and ensure that there are always enough to cover the needs of passengers. 

We have done this at Naples Capodichino Airport, where we track more than 200 trolleys daily, with 80% recovered in less than one hour, ensuring a more efficient service and a smoother passenger experience. And that's not all: at the same airport, we also monitor wheelchairs, cleaning tools, and vehicles, producing real-time and historical data and significantly reducing recovery times for assets parked in prohibited locations.


Keep passenger flows under the radar

With our management software, you can monitor the presence of people in real-time. This feature allows you to collect and analyze data to optimize services within your airport and better plan the company of operators in the busiest locations.


Improve airport security

Especially at airports, security is a vital issue. That's why Nextome's RTLS system has become a key ally with its ability to track people's movements and send real-time alerts if access is made to unauthorized areas. Or, timely and timely action can be taken because of the ability to know people's location in real-time.


Easy to install and maintain

Nextome's system is lightweight and easy to install: thanks to beacons based on BLE technology, small sensors need only be installed without wiring. The batteries last for 5 years, ensuring long service life and minimizing the need for maintenance. In addition, our system does not need fingerprinting, a time-consuming preliminary activity to be carried out on-site.


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