Asset tracking
Get total control over work equipment and goods, allowing the automatic inventory of your assets and determining their actual time, location and movements.
Indoor asset tracking
Monitor specific area
With its geofencing features, Nextome can monitor virtual zones by its geographic boundaries, and enable a notification when a tracked tag enters or leaves an area.
Asset tracking system
Anti-theft protection
Nextome recognizes unauthorized movements of goods and notify the control center.
Vehicle route optimizations
Keep track of how vehicles, like forklifts, move across your venues and optimize their paths to save time.
Real-time inventory and localization
Take advantage of continuous automatic inventory of your asset, real-time location visibility, and comprehensive information about their usage and service status.
Usage, maintenance and service traceability
Keep track of asset usage and maintenance/service schedules to reduce downtime and enhance security.
An off-the-shelf, versatile system.
Our powerful proprietary software collects data and provides accurate position through machine learning.
This device receives and processes radiofrequency signals, an integral part of the technological structure.
These small devices can be attached to objects and assets to provide their real-time location by sending data to the gateway.
Manage every venue with our Content
Management Systems and APIs.
Add, delete and edit beacons, points of interest, events along with maps’
and venues’ data and access to a venue dashboard.
Beacon Management
Beacon management within a specific location is easier now. For instance, you can maintain and register beacons, look at their position on the map and check their battery status.
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Nextostats – Analytics Engine
Take more informed decisions thanks to behavioral data and location based insights.
  • Assets position/movement history
  • Asset time of activity/inactivity
  • Asset history by geofencing areas (in/out)
  • Unauthorized movement history
  • Distance traveled/covered by asset
  • Asset usage and booking history
  • Asset maintenance and service history and schedules

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Supporting one of the most advanced plants in the world to reach a new degree of efficiency.
Helping visitors reach a destination easier, while saving nurses and physicians’ time.
ATAC - Rome underground
Improving the security of millions of people leveraging position-based data on over 1M sqm.
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