RTLS for tracking and optimised management of 200 baggage trolleys in Naples airport

With thousands of assets and personnel spread over a large area, airports are extremely complex environments to manage effectively.

Too much time and effort is spent locating commonly used assets (eg, luggage carts, vehicles, wheelchairs, cleaning equipment, and any other shared mobile assets).

A negative passenger experience or disruption to workflow due to unforeseen or unexpected equipment relocation creates a major operational disruption for any airport.


The Real Time Asset Tracking solution provided for the customer is a valid support for locating mobile airport equipment and for monitoring their status of availability, in order to optimise their management and ensure an efficient and effective service, all through the use of a totally transparent technology that is easy to manage and use.

The solution allows you to have real-time and historical visibility by acquiring the position of service vehicles, such as trolleys for transporting luggage and other moving assets at the main identified entrances and at the main parking and pick-up areas.


Peculiar KPIs to monitor:

  • real-time and historical trolley position monitoring;

  • reduction of asset recovery times in areas where their parking is not permitted;

  • monitoring of the use of the single asset.


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