Product traceability system in manufacturing plants.

Nextome in partnership with Fincons Group (award-winning IT business consultancy with 40 years of experience in IT Business Consulting and System Integration) have been involved in the design and implementation of a product traceability system in a manufacturing plant.

The ability of the manufacturing sector to grow depends on many factors. Many of these occur directly in the manufacturing process. The ability to carefully monitor this process becomes decisive, from the first moment until the delivery of the good.


Our system tracks assets using RFID technology, allowing Fincon's customers to track products destined for a specific market and send them out, thus improving inventory management and reducing the risk of violating local regulations, helping identify any weak links.
Every country has different needs, requirements and regulations, and that’s why products are manufactured in a specific way as they are destined to a specific market. 

The solution has been implemented by Fincons, both as an indoor tracking system for production cycle, allowing the company to closely monitor the production process, and as a tracking tool to keep an eye on the products once they leave the factory, ensuring they reach their final destination in mint condition and safely.

  • Increased distribution channel visibility 

  • Enhanced relationship with dealers and distributors 

  • Supply chain transparency


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