27 October 2014
San Francisco, Italy
SAN FRANCISCO, ITALY – Perspectives from Mauro Battocchi, Consul General in San Francisco (2012-2016)

SAN FRANCISCO, ITALY – Perspectives from Mauro Battocchi, Consul General in San Francisco (2012-2016)
Using GPS to get from Point A to Point B is by now second nature to many citizens of the world. Whether you’re rushing to a meeting or taking a relaxing weekend outside of the city, cellphones guide us to our destinations with calm direction. Yet, when we are inside buildings, GPS doesn’t do a good job getting us around – it’s just not accurate enough. Take, the hotel pictured above. With 1539 rooms and 20+ floors, wouldn’t it be convenient to have the same guided direction we are accustomed to out of doors? The makers of Puglia-based Nextome think so and they have designed impressive technology to make it possible.

Nextome is an indoor positioning and navigation system based on an infrastructure of devices compatible with Apple iBeacon standard and smartphones, either iOS or Android, provided with Bluetooth 4.0LE technology. The result is a GPS-like experience within buildings. Imagine you have 2 hours to kill in a huge, international airport. Wouldn’t it be nice to be guided to the travel lounge? Or what about convention centers, like the Moscone Center, which are many times larger than football fields. What if you could be guided to the exact booth you sought? Or take the hulking Metropolitan Museum in New York City. What if finding that far-flung wing of Nepalese art was as simple as keying a query into your cellphone. With Nextome, it can be.

The company is headed by CEO Vincenzo Dentamaro, who specializes in machine learning and artificial intelligence. He previously worked at Johnson Controls and IBM Tivoli, a realtime business infrastructure management tool. Mr. Dentamaro, along with several key players of the Nextome management team, was schooled at the Università degli Studi di Bari in computer science.

Nextome is part of a rising tide of exciting Italian startups that are developing disruptive technologies while leveraging the competitive engineering rates found in the bel paese. Their product is well though out and has many compelling use cases. Get to know the 6-person all Italian team here. Get in touch with Nextome here.

source: http://sanfranciscoitaly.com/post/101103898689/italian-nextome-is-bringing-the-gps-experience 

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