31 July 2020
NXTracker received an investment by Sustainable Growth Fund - MiSE
With the obtaining of Seal of Excellence by European Commission, Nextome srl presented the NXTracker project to the financing measure “Fabbrica Intelligente by Sustainable Growth Fund – Ministry of Economic Development” with the partner IDEA75 srl.

We are happy to announce that the due diligence phase has ended successfully with the granting of 1.4M € of investmentst to bring the project into the industrialization phase.

The NXTracker solution aims to improve the efficiency of the entire building, improving user comfort and optimizing the performance of the systems according to the people present and their flows inside the building. This solution is ideal for the retrofit of management of existing buildings by companies operating in the Facility Management sector to reduce management costs, reduce energy consumption, improve quality of life, improve safety, simplify maintenance. In fact, NXTracker provides a non-invasive solution in the intelligent management of complex structures, consisting of innovative RTLS systems for indoor tracking and Data Analytics software tools and support for decisions that take advantage of ML and AI techniques. The entire system is characterized by simplicity and speed of installation, possibility of application in existing and already inhabited and operational buildings (retrofits), maximum flexibility and high scalability.

The start of the project is expected in the coming months, updates on the progress of work will be communicated on the official channels of the companies involved.

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