Get ready for the revolution! The time is up, the test phase is over, Nextome presents the new mobile SDK for indoor localization and positioning.

A new more powerful, optimized, native kotlin/swift Nextome SDK!

We present the major features:

  • Native language library (iOS and Andriod);
  • More efficiency in terms of performance and hardware use;
  • Modular approach:
  • New localization engine
  • Position log system
  • Seamless Indoor / Outdoor
  • For iOS: Cocoapod System Ready: ability to constantly and easily download new versions, thanks to our Pod repo;
  • Leverage and expose LiveData, compatible with Google’s recommended approach to making SDK components lifecycle aware;
  • Available in two operating modes: Foreground (localization while the user is using the app) and Background (localization in the background while the phone has the screen off or another app is in use);
  • Optimized for energy saving in background mode;
  • Ease of extension and customization;
  • Does not depend on Google Play Services (fully compatible with smartphones on the market without Play Services);
  • Available as a gradle dependency, it is possible to add the SDK to an existing project with a single line of code;
  • For Android: Sample App written in Kotlin, the official language adopted by Android since 2019;

New map view component:
In conjunction with the SDK, a pre-filled flutter module is also provided that will allow the display of the user’s position on the map, cross-platform ready Android / iOS

Feature List:

  • Support for tiles, so that for large maps only the part visible on the screen is generated and there are no performance drops;
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS with the same codebase;
  • Possibility on request to provide source code for map customization;
  • Easy integration;
  • New design;
  • New route navigation system and map switch;
  • More reactive user Position;
  • Customizable POIs.

The current SDK will still be active throughout 2021, but technical support will cease from 01.01.2021, to request more information or to carry out a free test.

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