10 March 2017
GTEC Demo Day 2017
Here’s a riddle for you: What happens when you put 250 entrepreneur enthusiasts in a room with 11 startups? …a Demo Day, of course!

On February 24, we presented our latest batch of startups at our third-ever Demo Day. We had 11 startups from 6 countries pitching to a record-breaking attendance with over 250 of Berlin’s founders, industry notables, investors and startup supporters. The participants came to cheer on our startups as they shared their vision for changing the world, starting right here in Berlin. GTEC’s mission is to promote disruptive entrepreneurship in Europe and the Demo Day was the perfect opportunity to drive this initiative.
Demo Day also marked the graduation of five newly-founded companies that went through the GTEC Startup Academy, GTEC’s boutique accelerator programme.

One example of these startups is Forexfix, a B2B fintech company that helps German Mittelstand (SME) companies to hedge their currency risks in an easy and flexible way (www.forexfix.de). On the left is Robert proudly talking about his company!

And on the right is Italian startup Nextome, coming from GTEC’s 12-month Lab programme (www.nextome.net). They showcased their product that localizes users inside buildings and provides a set of location-based services.

The night was concluded by networking and beers, with founders intermingling with investors, journalists and general fans. Christoph Raethke, our Director of Education and Demo Day host, had the following to say about the Demo Day: “The best emerging tech in Berlin comes from GTEC. Period.”
…and we’ll leave you with that.
Thanks to all for joining us and we can’t wait to see you at our next Demo Day!
(Brochure of all the startups that pitched: bit.ly/GTECDemoday)

Source: http://gtec.berlin/gtec-demo-day-2017/  

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