02 June 2017
China-Italy Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Winners! Congratulations to Nextome! We are very excited, our team has achieved another milestone. Thanks to ITTN (International Technology Transfer Network) and Politecnico di Milano for appreciating our technology.

The ChinItaly Challenge favours teams composed of both Chinese and/or Italian members so as to stimulate cross-boundaries collaborations. The challenge focuses on original innovation, encouraging SMEs and start-ups to carry out cooperation aimed at boosting industrialisation and product development and to encourage outstanding projects to land in innovation incubators or technology parks in China and Italy.

As a pioneering exploration, the initiative is expected to have great influence and significance in terms of innovation cooperation, project incubation and landing as well as international development of start-up enterprises in both Countries.

info: http://www.polihub.it/iniziative/china-italy-innovation-and-entrepreneurship-competition/

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