Supporting one of the most advanced plants in the world to reach a new degree of efficiency.

FCA reached out to improve maintenance processes and reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTtR) for its 600 robots welding and moving cars along in the Cento (Italy) plant, one of the most advanced automotive plants in the world.

The plant is 99% automated, since the production line is monitored by an automated management system of the production flow. That means that each single minute of robots downtime costs $500. 

For every work shift, 5 maintenance engineers can be called to recover technical failures and guarantee production continuity. Our aim was to make their job easier and more efficient, by leveraging a smart combination of indoor positioning, asset and people tracking.


Thanks to 350 beacons installed across 20000 square meters, FCA is now able to monitor in real-time:

  • the position of trolleys for the transport of engines;
  • the time of stationing in the various productive areas of the plant;
  • the position of the forklifts in the whole plant, their routes and discharge time

Also, the system notifies the position of faulty AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles) to team Leaders who are responsible for the production.


$500 for every minute saved in fault recovery


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